Construction and identification of human phage single-chain antibody library for pneumoconiosis

Pneumoconiosis is still of the highest incidence of death more dangerous, the most serious harm to workers occupational disease, so far there is no elimination of or reversal of the cure, only the condition of patients comprehensive medical treatment to alleviate the symptoms.delay the progress of the disease, therefore, active prevention and early diagnosis is particularly important to enhance patients' quality of life and prolonging life. Home and abroad have a lot of research on pneumoconiosis, but the formation mechanism of pneumoconiosis is not entirely clear, then dust population health surveillance, early warning and early detection of pneumoconiosis effective biological indicators for monitoring the lack of the diagnosis still relies on condition to achieve certain pathological extent of the X-ray findings. Further explore the occurrence of pneumoconiosis, development and evolution process, screening and identification of the dust exposure can reflect, the pneumoconiosis process biomarkers, explore the molecular mechanism of the morbidity of pneumoconiosis, early warning and diagnosis and intervention target to prevent fibrosis progression point has a positive significance and role. Scholars proposed a variety of pneumoconiosis research strategy, researchers on the relationship between pneumoconiosis and immune function and has been made a lot of laboratory and epidemiological studies of pneumoconiosis are associated with immune function changes, in view of pneumoconiosis incidence of pneumoconiosis of the lung tissue has a certain antigen composition, dust exposed workers, pneumoconiosis patients in vivo existence of certain autoantibodies, screening can reflect of pneumoconiosis contact or pneumoconiosis flag antibody in the development process, the interpretation of molecular mechanism the early warning and diagnosis of pneumoconiosis may be of great significance.

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