Insect expression system to express the scFv

Insect expression system uses one or more baculovirus promoter, exogenous target gene inserted into the recombinant virus promoter, and can copy, while the expression of multiple foreign genes in insect cells or insect body. Insect expression system to express higher levels of glycosylated proteins is to be considered, despite the complete protein glycosylation, insect cells and mammalian cell expression systems have the same N-glycosylation sites, but the mode of action and mammalian different oligosaccharide chains are essentially different. This may be due to the insect cells do not have the processing capacity of mammalian cells to mature oligosaccharides. In addition, different precursor protein cleavage site is also very important, although the mammalian secretion signal in insect cells, precision machining, but with a signal peptide sequence may not be able to secrete into the protein. Upstream with the melittin signal peptide of scFv expressed in insect cells, only the insoluble intracellular precursor protein processing defects of the precursor protein molecules because the baculovirus expression system; the B. subtilis signal peptides and scFv of expression in insect cell lysates to detect less than unprocessed precursor protein secretion also increased.

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