scFv-immunotoxin conjugate and multivalent scFv complexes

E.coli expression system non-glycosylated scFv have certain advantages, but the expression of the characteristics of the production depends on the scFv. Have been reported in E. coli expression system to express several different types of scFv, including monovalent and multivalent scFv, scDbs, taFvs scFv-immunotoxin conjugate and multivalent scFv complexes, such as the trimer, tetravalent mini antibodies. The exogenous gene expression is a complex process, including the interaction between the gene transcription, translation, post-translational processing, cell metabolism and cell gene and protein, protein and protein. Into the post-genome era, E. coli preferred model for a new topic of research proteomics, gene function, protein networks, reveals the unknown areas of the gene expression for the development of E. coli expression system provides channels. With E. coli expression system constantly-depth study of the mechanism of gene expression and influencing factors will be found, would be more perfect E. coli expression system

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